STNL Investors


By navigating and negotiating the many phases of a typical real estate transaction– sales and acquisitions process, letters of intent and purchase & sale agreements, reviewing due diligence materials, financial underwriting and documentation set-up for expedited closings,  our goal is to create the highest transaction value with a degree of certainty.

We analyze each asset and develop a comprehensive marketing program that reflects current market conditions including cap rates-ask/trade, tenant/real estate quality, debt/equity components and lease structure.

Today’s valuations are usually driven by leveraged cash on cash returns and residual value. 

Factors to consider when investing:

  • Credit/Investment grade of tenants
  • Lease structure
  • Fee ownership
  • Market rent
  • Rent escalations
  • Existing financing vs. All cash transaction
  • Tax considerations
  • Residual value of real estate

We strive to provide our clients:

  • Maximize value/price
  • Certainty in value/timing        
  • Effective structuring
  • Position asset by sector and market insight
  • Underwriting/market expertise
  • Capital knowledge
  • Exposure to pricing inefficiencies

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